Physio Ball

Constructed of soft elastic with approx 35 to 85 diameter(14 to 34inches). Filled with air ,air pressure is changed by removing a valve stem and either filling with air or letting the ball deflect. Used in physiotherapy / sports training/exercise purpose/weight training. Also known as swiss ball, Balance ball, Fitness ball, Physio ball, Gym ball, Stability ball, Therapy ball.


Primary benefit of physio ball is to improve balance.It engages more muscles at a time.Specially work on core muscles-the abdominal muscles and back muscles-are the focus of physio ball fitness program. Benefit of using unstable surface is achieving a greater activation of the core exercise like curl ups and push ups etc are performed on this physio ball.Stabilize and increase the trunk strength. Fitness experts and some doctors also recommed sitting on a physio ball instead of an office chair.


A theraband also known as resistance band.It is simply latex tubes or bands that are used for low impact strength training exercises and physical therapy. Mostly used by athletes and people who want to do light strength training exercise. These are light and you can easily carry with you anywhere. Bands are progressive and available in variety of strength starting from yellow(lightest resistance) to black (heaviest resistance) Resistance depends on colour of theraband.It is used for toning and strengthening the muscles. Provide muscle building tension and helps in improving and developing muscles .It is very cheap. You can add variety to your exercise routine by combining it with any equipment.Also used for full body and conditioning exercise.

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